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Custom designed Solar Power Solutions for your Home

We design customized Best-value solar power system to suit your needs and maximize your return on investment. We are committed to making sure our customers get the best solution for their specific reqirement and usage pattern, to reduce or virtually eliminate their power bills. We offer all types of systems - on-grid, off-grid and hybrid - for Residential and Commercial users.


Ready to Go Solar?

Get a Complete Solar Power System at Wholesale Price

We are solar power system suppliers and installars. We supply SPG's at WHOLE SALE Price and install complete systems - On grid, Off grid, Hybrid and battery-less off grid SPG systems.
All top brands - Imported and Indian Brands
On grid solar inverters with 10 years warranty
Off grid inverters with 5 years warranty
Solar panels with 12 + 15 = 27 years warranty
BOS with 10 years warranty
We also provide system design, sizing and installation services.


Hybrid Solar Power Systems for maximum utilization of solar power

Batteryless Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions to reduce the cost of Solar Power System

Generally Off-grid solar power systems need battery. But battery increases the cost of the system. We offer Batteryless Off-Grid solar power solutions to reduce the cost of the system. However optional battery backup can be added for use during power cuts at night time.


Deye Hybrid Solar Inverter (Lithium ion battery compatible)

Deye Hybrid Solar Inverter - 3 KW | 4 KW | 5 KW | 6 KW | Single Phase | 2 MPPT | Low Voltage Battery
6 KW | 8 KW | 10 KW | 12 KW - Three phase
Special Features
- Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree
- 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging
- Max. charging/discharging current of 120A
- Frequency droop control, Max.16pcs parallel
- DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system
- Support storing energy from diesel generator
- 24/48V low voltage battery, safe and reliable
- Unique Smart Load application and Grid peak shaving function
- 4ms fast transfer from on-grid to off-grid mode, ensuing the traditional fixed frequency air conditioner works well


Ready to Install On-Grid / Hybrid Solar Power Systems


Plug & Play Solar Rooftop Solutions

Generate 2 units to 20 units or more solar power per day


Now is the Right Time to Reap the Benefits of Going Solar

Central Government has drastically reduced Tax for Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

You can avail this opportunity to install Solar Power System with Battery Back-up at your Home or Office. And get power from solar, day or night.

No need for Net Meter - Install the system and start using from day one.
You get power from your solar panels for 25 years or more.
Just keep the solar panel surface clean. That's all the maintenance needed.

See the prices for Fast moving Solar Power Generating Systems below.

OKAYA 2KW Solar Power Generating System with 3 years Battery Warranty
2 KVA PCU (MPPT), 2x120 AH Batteries, 1920 watts (320x6) Solar panels, BOS
This system generates 10 units a day from solar
Complete system Cost Rs.1,30,904 inclusive of GST

The same above system available with 200AH batteries also.

OKAYA 3KW Solar Power Generating System with 3 years Battery Warranty
3 KVA PCU (MPPT), 4x120 AH Batteries, 2880 watts (320x9) Solar panels, BOS
This system generates 15 units a day from solar
Complete system Cost Rs.1,91,297 inclusive of GST

The same above system available with 200AH batteries also.

EAPRO 3.75 KVA Solar Power Generating System with 5 years Battery Warranty
3.75 KVA MPPT PCU, 3600 watts Solar panels, 4x150 AH EAPRO Solar C10 Battery with 5 years Warranty,BOS.
This system generates 16 units a day from solar
Complete system Cost Rs.2,18,123 inclusive of GST

For more details please call us at 98408 67653, 80728 24587 or 044-28142600



The Revolutionary Technology in Battery Regeneration & Charge!

Make your Lead-acid Battery Run for 10 years or more ! CLICK HERE to know how

 Benefits of Battery Regeneration:

Postpone buying new batteries by extending the existing battery's life to 2~3 times longer

Recover the original capacity of batteries

The entire regeneration is an electrical process and there is no need to add any sulfuric-acid or chemicals

Increase battery performance and Improve efficiency

Reduce your electricity consumption

We Restore all kinds of Lead Acid (Flooded, SMF, AGM, Gel, VRLA) Batteries.
For more details please call us at 98408 67653, 80728 24587 or 044-28142600



 Direct Power from SOLAR PANELS to your Loads in DAY Time

- On Grid (Grid Tie) Solar PV system with Net meter
- Save up to 90 % on EB bill
- Low cost, Great Savings, Fast ROI, Long Warranty, Low Maintenance, No Batteries



 Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems with fully automatic inverter

Low investment systems with maximum savings and very fast Return on your Investment

Now, Solar Power Costs only Rs.2.49 Per Unit or lower, for further details call 98408 67653.

Reduce your power bill by 50% to 100% by installing our Grid-Tie Solar Power System.

Choose a System According To Your Power Consumption, Home or Commercial users - ROI as per your EB Tariff.
3 KW Grid Tie System generates 12 to 15 units a day
6 KW Grid Tie System generates 24 to 30 Units a day
10 KW Grid Tie System generates 40 to 50 Units a day

Starting from 3KW to 100KW

Features & Benefits:
Low maintenance - just cleaning the solar panels regularly is enough
No recurring cost involved because no batteries
Whether you use it or not the solar power generated will go to the Grid and will be   added to your saved units. For example, if your system generates 10 units, this 10   units goes to the Grid and will be deducted from your consumption. So at the end   of 2 months, if your system generated 800 units and you consumed 1000 units,   then you will be charged for only 200 units (1000 - 800 = 200)
No rewiring and you can use all your load at the same time even beyond the   capacity of your installed inverter. No restriction on connected load.
In case you have a regular power inverter and battery as backup for your critical   load, then that can be retained and it will function as it is when power fails.
Your solar investment is mainly and only to reduce your EB bill to the maximum   amount and save you money.
Important: This Grid-Tie solar power system is primarily for reducing your   power bill and is not a backup for power cuts.
Grid-Tie solar power systems with battery backup option during power cuts is   also available from us. Please call us for more details.

All our systems are reliable, long lasting and designed for optimum performance.



 Professional Consultation for Best-value System Size    Identification

For Customers, who are analytical, who needs to be told almost all the details, we offer our professional consultation service to custom design the Best-value system for them.

We are committed to making sure our customers get the best solution for their specific reqirement and usage pattern, to reduce their power bill, on-grid, (or) off-grid, Commercial or Residential.



 Types of Solar Power Systems

These are the simplest of solar-electric systems, with the fewest components (basically the PV array and the load). Because they don’t have batteries and are not hooked up to the utility, they only power the loads when the sun is shining. This means that they are only appropriate for a few select applications, notably water pumping and ventilation—when the sun shines, the fan or pump runs.
Although they are most common in remote locations without utility service, off-grid solar-electric systems can work anywhere. These systems operate independently from the grid to provide all of a household’s electricity. These systems require a battery bank to store the solar electricity for use during nighttime or cloudy weather, a charge controller to protect the battery bank from overcharge, an inverter to convert the DC PV array power to AC for use with AC household appliances, and all the required disconnects, monitoring, and associated electrical safety gear.

This type is very similar to an off-grid system in design and components, but adds the utility grid, which reduces the need for the system to provide all the energy all the time.
These most common PV systems are also known as on-grid, grid-tied, utility-interactive, grid-intertied, or grid-direct. They generate solar electricity and route it to the loads and to the electric utility grid, offsetting a home’s or business’s electricity usage. System components are simply comprised of the PV array, inverter(s), and required electrical safety gear (i.e., fuses/breakers/disconnects/monitoring). Living with a grid-connected solar-electric system is no different than living with utility electricity, except that some or all of the electricity you use comes from the sun. (The drawback of these batteryless systems is that they provide no outage protection—when the utility grid fails, these systems cannot operate.)




RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPO 2018 will be held on 8th, 9th & 10th February 2018 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

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 High Quality Solar PV Systems and O&M Service at a Lower Price

1 KW solar power system generates 5 units a day.
Approximate price per KW (grid-tie system) is Rs.63,000 to Rs.68,000 depending on the site and roof type.
Above Price is including GST.

5 KW to 500 KW systems available for immediate process.
Special price for 100 KW and above

Call us for the Best Quote for your requirement. Call: 044-28142600 or 9840867653



 Off-Grid Solar Power Systems with battery backup at the cost of Grid-Tie System

Designed to reduce the cost of investment
Affordable price with backup battery bank

Major advantage : You have power from battery backup even when grid power fails, day or night.
No need Net-metering and no more waiting.

Can run all load as per system size and capacity.

Backup time 1 Hour to 8 Hours or more available.
Minimum investment maximum benefits.

CALL us at 98408 67653 for further details.

Battery replacement cost after 4 years Rs.14,000 only per KW.
But your 4 years savings from solar power generation is Rs.36,000.
So, even after replacing battery at Rs.14,000 your net savings will be Rs.22,000

If you use the above system for commercial buildings (shops, offices, showrooms, clinics etc), the savings will be nearly double but with the same investment.

With a 1 KW system you can run 4 Fans for 3 hours minimum when power fails at night without any other load. Designed to help people suffering night time power cuts.

All our systems from 1 KW to 10 KW come with minimum 1 Hour battery backup to maximum 8 Hours or more backup.

10 KW to 50 KW systems with backup available for commercial consumers, to run all loads including aircons during daytime.

6 KW solar power system with 5 KVA MPP inverter to run 1.5 Ton aircon available, with 120 Amp CC unit and 48v backup.



 Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

Keep your home or office cool all day with a Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner and save upto 100% on your daytime electricity cost.

Automatic Solar power and Grid power balancing, no need for manual switching.

CALL us at 98408 67653 for further details and booking.



 Reasons to consider Solar Power for your Home or Business

Why go Solar? Because installing a Solar Power System is a profitable investment for your Home or Business.

A solar power system saves you money on your Electricity Bills for 25+   years.
You get Income tax benefit : Accelerated depreciation of 80% is available   until March, 2017 under the Income Tax act for rooftop solar PV systems. The   depreciation benefit is to be halved to 40% from April 1st, 2017.
The Payback period is 5 years or less.

The most important reason to consider Solar Power is, it is the lowest-cost power generation source than any other available source of power. And solar power is renewable and abundant.

The whole world is going solar for this reason only, all other benefits are automatic.
For example, if you invest in a 6KW solar power system, you can save Rs.75,000 every year if you are a commercial user, which is equal to 18% annual return on your investment. A residential user can save Rs. 45,000 per year, equal to 11% annual return on your investment. Whereas, with Bank Interest, the highest is only 7% p.a., which is equal to Rs.30,250.

For your info : For all Home users who use Air Cons, the electricity consumption goes beyond 500 units and the Grid Power cost for Residential use is Rs.6/- per unit. Commercial users have to pay Rs.10+ Per Unit. Diesel Gen set power costs Rs.16 to Rs.20 per unit. But Solar Power costs Rs.2.66 per unit.

Solar Panels come with 25 Years life. It is very easy for the owner to maintain it by himself. Just regular cleaning of Solar Panels is needed. Or one can enter into an AMC.



 Go Solar and Reduce up to 90 % of your Electric Bill

Install a SOLAR POWER SYSTEM at your HOME / OFFICE and Reduce up to
90 % of your Electric Bill.

We offer FREE Solar consultation to determine the best Solar Power System Solution for you.

CALL us at 98408 67653 to start saving.
You can reduce up to 90% of your Electric bill amount by choosing the right capacity Solar Power System according to your monthly power consumption.

SMALL HOME : Power consumption up to 10 Units per day.
YOUR IDEAL SYSTEM : 2 kW Grid Tie - Single Phase System

MEDIUM HOME : Power consumption up to 15 Units per day.
YOUR IDEAL SYSTEM : 3 kW Grid Tie - Single Phase System

MEDIUM LARGE HOME : Power Consumption up to 25 Units per day.
YOUR IDEAL SYSTEM : 5 kW Grid Tie - Single Phase System

LARGE HOME : Power Consumption up to 40 Units per day.
YOUR IDEAL SYSTEM : 8 kW Grid Tie - 3 – Phase System

Optimum Performance Solar Power systems that pay for themselves.

Guaranteed savings for 25 years and protection from energy price rise.


 Off-Grid Solar Power Systems with MPPT Charge Controller & Battery Backup

5 to 6 Units* a Day System : 1 KW system (1000 Watts Panel/AJB/1 KW Inv/ MPPT CC/300 AH Bat Bank) Runs 800 Watts Load (or all appliances within 800 watts). Backup time 2 hrs+. Call for latest price.

8 to 9 Units* a Day System : 1.5 KW System (1500 Watts Panel/AJB/2 KW Inv/ MPPT CC/Same as Above Can be upgraded to 600 AH) Runs 1,200 Watts Load (or all appliances within 1,200 watts) for 5 to 6 Hours or Less Load for More Hours. Call for latest price.

10 to 12 Units* a Day System : 2 KW System (2000 Watts Panel/AJB/ Inv/ MPPT CC/Same as above Can be up graded to 800 AH) Runs 1,600 Watts Load (or all appliances within 1,600 watts) for 5 to 6 Hours or Less Load for More Hours. Call for latest price.

16 to 18 Units* a Day System : 3 KW System (3000 Watts Panel/AJB/Inv/ MPPT CC/Same as Above Can be Upgraded to 1200 AH) Runs 2,500 Watts Load (or all appliances within 2,500 watts) + Air-Con for 5 to 6 Hours or Less Load for More Hours. Call for latest price.

* = On all sunny days with clear sky

Our Inverters are imported from Taiwan - Warranty 5 years +
MPPT Charge Controllers are from USA and Taiwan - Warranty 5 years to 15 year
Solar panels - 25 Years Warranty (10 years 90 % + 15 years 80% performance)

We have been in the field of electronics for over 25 years and in the solar power industry for 15 years. We are direct importers of inverters, MPPT charge controllers, BOS etc from Taiwan, USA, Singapore and China.

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 Our recent Solar Power System installations in Chennai

Smart and well-informed customers are already saving money by going solar.
Please call us and come in for a FREE consultation. We SAVE you money.
FREE consulting hours 10 A.M. to 12 P.M and 3 P.M to 6 P.M only

  The Functional Difference between Home Inverter Battery Backup and Solar      Power Inverter Battery Backup

When connected to home inverter, the battery is charged from the grid supply and it is always in fully charged condition. When the grid fails the battery starts giving power supply to load.

But when the battery bank is connected to solar power system, the battery is only partially charged because the solar power is shared between the load and the battery. The power which is coming from the solar panels is mainly used to power the load and only if there is surplus power, it is stored in the battery bank. In this case your battery is not fully charged, at all times, so when power grid fails at night time, your battery will give you backup for less time than expected.

To solve this problem you need to install Hybrid inverter or Bidirectional Hybrid inverter with battery backup. With this system your battery is always in a fully charged condition and will be ready to supply the load for the intended/full backup time.

 Special Offer on 1KW Solar Power System

1 KW Off-Grid Solar Power System with MPPT Charge Controller and Battery Backup
System consists of:
1 KW (1000 Watts) Solar Panels
1 KW Fully automatic solar priority Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller
Galvanized steel mounting structure
Array Junction Box
2 x 150 AH Battery Bank

This system generates 5 to 6 Units* a Day. It runs 800 Watts Load (or all appliances within 800 watts). Backup time 2 hrs+.

Special Offer : FREE Installation

Note: Transportation charges extra.
Cables according to site requirement and any required masonry work will be at extra cost.
MCB, Solar to Grid Change over switch, DB box and other add-on (according to site requirement) at extra cost.

We design and install Solar Power Systems for Home and Office/Business ranging from 1KW to 10KW power capacity.   For more info click here »

Home Solar Power System Explained

How much does it cost?

Solar Power System Selection Guide

Complete Solar Power System Packages

Magazine/Newspaper Articles & Ads

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 Solar Power System Design and Installation Services

 PIR Motion Sensor Energy Saving Switches

Reduce power consumption using PIR Occupancy Sensor switches. Ceiling mount, Wall mount & retrofit PIR motion sensor energy saving switches. For further details & your requirement call us on (+9144)28142600.

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Products we offer:
Off-Grid, Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems
Off-Grid Inverter
Off-Grid Solar Inverter
On-Grid Inverter
Hybrid SolarInverter
Multi Function Hybrid Inverter
Batteryless Inverter
Solar Batteries
Li-Ion Solar Backup Battery
Solar Batteries with 10, 20, 30 years warranty
Solar Power System with Super Capacitor

Call us, if you want to know more about:
AC coupled, DC coupled SPV systems
DC Power Optimizers
On-Grid SPV system with battery storage
How to choose a Hybrid SPV system
How to choose an Off-Grid SPV system
How to choose a Grid-Tie SPV system
What is Microgrid
Why commercial users are recommended Microgrid

 FREE Solar Electric Power System Buyer's Guide
This buyer's guide answers the following questions and more.
Four types of Solar Power Systems
Solar Electric Power System - Will it make you "Power Independent"?
How much electricity will a solar energy system produce?
The Real Benefits of Solar Electric Energy System
Environmental Benefits
What is in it for you
Incentives/Subsidy from Government
Sizing your Home Solar Energy System
Register to get this FREE Buyer's Guide and future updates. CLICK HERE!


Generate your own solar power at Rs.2.66 per unit, with self maintenance. Use the power for Commercial or Residentail use and Save money.
For the next 25 years no increase in tariff, just Rs.2.66 per unit. If you use it for commercial you save Rs.6+ per unit, for home use you save Rs.3.50 per unit.
We use the following brands in our systems :
solar panels : HHV, Seraphim, Yengli, Panasonic, Rolta, CNBM
Inverters : Delta, Goodwe, Selco Italy, SMA

Why buy SOLAR POWER SYSTEM from us?
High performance Online UPS for Servers, Data centers, Networking, VoIP and Telecommunications
Magazine / Newspaper Articles

Aval Vikatan Article

Visiting executives from Echosphere Intl.

Latest Solar PV Flyers
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